Welcome to the website of  F3Ascore
This software can be used for all kind of precision aerobatics competitions.
Like F3A, F3A-X,F3M, F3P or any other schedule you can imagine.
Also for the several IMAC, Nordic, helicopter F3C this software can help you to process the scores.

With all the experience I gained from creating and running my F3Jscore software, that is intended for thermal gliding competitions, I started to build software to handle all needed tasks for precision aerobatics.

The software is now being used at many contests worldwide, from small club contests to larger international events.
The Dutch national championships in the classes F3A and F3P (being four contest days a year, with 3 classes per day)
are using the software since several years. Dutch F3M will start this year.
The experience I gained with these contests are reflected in the software usability and functionality.

My biggest goal is to create software that makes the whole scoring process as transparent as possible for both the judges
as the contesters. So that pilots can see where to lose or win points, but also by comparing the judges results and show these in analyses.

March 2016:
UPDATE for IMAC contests: Half Points for marks!
For IMAC the CIAM/FAI decided to allow maneuvers to be scored with 0.5 points instead of whole numbers between 0 and 10. The version does have this functionality build in. Please contact me if you want to use this version.

Winfried de Vries

Me (on the right) and my flying buddies John(left) and Job, with our ZN-line twister's